Web Server Load-Balancing with HAProxy on Ubuntu 14.04

HAProxy(High Availability Proxy) is an open-source load-balancer which can load balance any TCP service. HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution that offers load-balancing, high-availability, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It is particularly well suited for very high traffic web sites and powers many of the world’s most visited ones.

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Did Socratic.org Raise $6 Million?

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.31.23 AM What is integrity? How do you find a missing gas valve in a system? How do you find instantaneous rate of change? Don’t ask me, ask Socratic. The e-learning company just raised a $6 million Series A from Shasta Ventures, Spark Capital, and the Omidyar Network and they are asking “What is the meaning of all this money?” Founded two years ago by tech veterans Chris Pedregal… Read More

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How to install Windows 10 March Build (10041) on Oracle VirtualBox

virtualbox win10

Microsoft has just released ISO files for latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview. There aren’t a massive amount of new features in Build 10041, although the Start menu gains transparency, you can drag and drop apps to Start, virtual desktops have been improved, and Cortana is now available in countries outside the US.

As with the previous releases, Build 10041 is still a very early version of the OS, so you wouldn’t be advised to run it as your main operating system, and while you could set it to dual boot, running it in a virtualized environment is probably a more sensible idea.

The process is very simple — all you need is a copy of Oracle VM VirtualBox (make sure you have the latest version) and a Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO.

To set up Windows 10 in VirtualBox, launch the software and click New in the Manager window. In the Create Virtual Machine dialog box enter “Windows 10” as the name of the operating system. Select Windows 10 as the version. (Choose Windows 10 (64bit) if you have a 64-bit ISO). Previously, when installing the Technical Preview in VirtualBox you had to select Windows 8.1 as your operating system, but the software has been updated to recognize Windows 10 now.


Hit Next, then set the Memory Size. The recommended figure should be fine. On the following screen choose to “Create a virtual hard drive now” and click Create. Accept VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) as the hard drive file type. You’ll be asked if you want the new virtual hard drive to be dynamically altered (it will resize as required) or a fixed size. The latter option is faster, so select that.

Click Create and VirtualBox will begin building the drive.

When done, click the Start button in the Manager. In the “Select start-up disk” window, click the folder icon and navigate to the Windows 10 ISO.

Click Start and Windows 10 should begin to load. Select your language settings, then click the “Install now” button. Accept the license terms. Choose the “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” option.

Click Next, and the installation process will begin, rebooting as necessary.

virtualbox install

When it’s done, you’ll be given the option of using express settings, or customizing things. It’s easiest to select the first one. Sign in with your Microsoft account, says if you want to use Cortana, and then finalize everything else.

Windows 10 will start and you can begin exploring the new OS.

If you want to resize the window, click View in VirtualBox and select Fullscreen or Scaled Mode (which is my preference).

The simplest way to shut down Windows 10 when you no longer need it is to click the X in top right corner of VirtualBox and select “Power off the machine”.

You can find some troubleshooting tips here. Also, note if you’re running Hyper-V in Windows 8.x (Microsoft’s built in virtualization tool) you’ll need to disable it in order to be able to run VirtualBox.

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Linus Torvalds’s first public mention of git (2005)

From: Linus Torvalds

Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 – 23:41:58 EST

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Chris Wedgwood wrote:
> I’m playing with monotone right now. Superficially it looks like it
> has tons of gee-whiz neato stuff… however, it’s *agonizingly* slow.
> I mean glacial. A heavily sedated sloth with no legs is probably
> faster.

Yes. The silly thing is, at least in my local tests it doesn’t actually
seem to be _doing_ anything while it’s slow (there are no system calls
except for a few memory allocations and de-allocations). It seems to have
some exponential function on the number of pathnames involved etc.

I’m hoping they can fix it, though. The basic notions do not sound wrong.

In the meantime (and because monotone really _is_ that slow), here’s a
quick challenge for you, and any crazy hacker out there: if you want to
play with something _really_ nasty (but also very _very_ fast), take a
look at kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/people/torvalds/.

First one to send me the changelog tree of sparse-git (and a tool to
commit and push/pull further changes) gets a gold star, and an honorable
mention. I’ve put a hell of a lot of clues in there (*).

I’ve worked on it (and little else) for the last two days. Time for
somebody else to tell me I’m crazy.


(*) It should be easier than it sounds. The database is designed so that
you can do the equivalent of a nonmerging (ie pure superset) push/pull
with just plain rsync, so replication really should be that easy (if
somewhat bandwidth-intensive due to the whole-file format).

Never mind merging. It’s not an SCM, it’s a distribution and archival
mechanism. I bet you could make a reasonable SCM on top of it, though.
Another way of looking at it is to say that it’s really a content-
addressable filesystem, used to track directory trees.

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Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education

Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education

As Chief Content Officer of a learning company, people frequently ask me: “Won’t all of your content eventually be free? After all, when technology enters the market, free is right behind it.” Then they’ll point to something like the music industry, where annual revenues have declined more than $20 billion from their peak over a decade […]

The post Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education appeared first on WIRED.

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New York threatens action if RadioShack sells customer data

New York’s attorney general said his office will take “appropriate action” if personal data on millions of RadioShack customers is handed over as part of a just-concluded bankruptcy sale.

The names and physical addresses of 65 million customers and email addresses of 13 million customers were among the assets listed as part of the sale, which concluded this week but has yet to be approved by a bankruptcy court.

RadioShack’s March 2015 privacy policy promised: “We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone at any time.”

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How to scale online services for millions of users without losing vital data

European gambling portal bet365 on how the programming language Erlang and the NoSQL data store Riak is helping it handle millions of transactions at once.

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