Holy smoke! The new MacBook Pro literally is twice as fast

When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro earlier this month, the company claimed its performance would be double that of the previous model.

As it turns out, that wasn’t an exaggeration.

Benchmark tests with Blackmagic software on a new 13-in. MacBook Pro with Retina display revealed it can pin the needle at more than 1,400MBps for writes and more than 1,300MBps for reads.

Apple MacBook Pro speed tests: PCIe 2.0 x2 (two lanes) vs PCIe 3.0 x4 (four lanes) [2015]

The machine that Computerworld tested had a 512GB PCIe M.2 form-factor flash module ($1,799) and an Intel dual-core i5 2.9GHz processor, 8GB of (1866MHz LPDDR3) RAM, and was running OS X 10.10.2 (Yosemite).

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MyWord Editor: silo-free from start

I came back from my trip early this week, ready to ship MyWord Editor. But I decided to make it silo-free from the start. So I had a little more work to do before release.

“Silo-free” means you can host your blog, and its editor, on your domain. I may offer a service that runs the software, but there will be no monopoly, and it will be entirely open source, before anything ships publicly.

I could have gone another way, and put up my own hosting service, as I have done with my software snacks, Little Pork Chop, Happy Friends, Radio3, Little Card Editor etc. None of those are open source, however they all run on the nodeStorage platform, which is.

I want MyWord Editor to make a very strong anti-silo statement. And even though it might make more sense from a development standpoint to do it in stages, it would muddy the message to have it be a silo when it’s released. So we’re going a little more slowly, to make a big strong, impossible-to-miss statement. Silos are not user-friendly. We don’t want them. Not even for one version.

We’ll start testing the software over the weekend, and hope to have a first public release early next week.

PS: Here’s an example of a document published by MWE.

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Flowchart Explains Bluebook Rules on Code Year

When citing to a statute published in a bound code volume, you need to include a year in your citation in parentheses. Sometimes it’s tricky to decide exactly where you find the year. Bluebook rule 12.3.2 gives you the rules. These rules can be summed up in the following flowchart. You’ll find additional rules about […]

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