GitBook: A modern publishing toolchain

Version Control, GitBook is based on GIT scm. A simple “git push” is enough to publish a new version.

Markdown, books are written using the markdown or AsciiDoc syntax. TeX support is planned.

Simple to update, publish and update your books easily using Git or the web book editor.

Responsive, books can be read on all devices, laptops, tablets, phones, kindles, etc.

E-book readers, books are readable on the Amazon Kindle, Nook and other readers (PDF, ePub, Mobi).

GitHub, write your book on GitHub and publish it in seconds through GitBook.

Choose your price, or accept donations, from $0 (or free) to $100; let everybody buy your book from all the main marketplaces.

Communicate and , focus on your readers, update and engage them with the progress of your work.

You keep the rights to your book, not us. So you can do a deal with a publisher at any time.

Transfer your revenue directly to your bank account (Only US is supported right now) or PayPal.

Create discounts, define promotions, design viral offers and make your customers happy.

Personalize your landing page with personalized branding and custom domain names.

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