Want to do NLP on all of U.S. law? Join us at Casetext (YC S13)

We are looking for a Back-end Engineer to help us ingest, process, transform, and derive insights from the corpus of all of U.S. law. You should be someone interested and excited to take on some of the hardest questions in natural language processing, machine learning, search, and scaling a custom back-end that can process hundreds of millions of pages of text quickly.

We aren’t looking for experience with a particular set of languages. Instead, you should be comfortable collaborating with other engineers on a diverse software architecture. Our back-end stack includes ElasticSearch, NodeJS, Go, Python, and Java.

We value people who are excited to learn new things. You should be able (and excited) to learn new languages relatively quickly and improve the quality of your code as you go. Giving and receiving feedback is part of the team culture. You will have opportunities to blog about your work, attend conferences, publish papers, and open source large parts of the code you work on at the company.

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