Textus: An open-source platform for collaborating around collections of texts

What is TEXTUS?

In a nutshell it is an open source platform for working with collections of texts. It enables students, researchers and teachers to share and collaborate around texts using a simple and intuitive interface.

What does TEXTUS do?

TEXTUS currently enables users to:

  • Collaboratively annotate texts and view the annotations of others
  • Reliably cite electronic versions of texts
  • Create bibliographies with stable URLs to online versions of those texts

Where has TEXTUS been deployed?

The first instance of TEXTUS will be deployed as beta.OpenPhilosophy.org. We are working closely with students from Goldsmiths University, the University of Oxford and a distinguished advisory board of philosophy academics to make sure that OpenPhilosophy meets the needs of the philosophical community.

How do I get involved with TEXTUS?

TEXTUS is an open source platform developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation. If you’d like to get involved you can:

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