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E-ZPass for news. I have an E-ZPass transponder on my car. This means I can drive on the highways of 18 states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The tolls are charged through the EZP system. I could drive from NY to Chicago and use it on every toll on the way, or to Florida. Anyway, I think this idea would work really well for paywalls. Collect the money if I decide to read a New Yorker or LA Times piece, even though I have’t got a subscription with either, which is analogous of being able to use the toll roads of Georgia even though I’m a resident of New York.

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Some Original Berkeley Unix Pioneers Still Work On The FreeBSD Project

Slashdot reader sfcrazy writes:
The Linux Foundation hosted the executive director of the FreeBSD Foundation, Deb Goodkin, at the Open Source Summit in San Diego. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Goodkin to talk about the FreeBSD project and the foundation.

“How did they let you in?” jokes their interviewer.

“They didn’t realize that FreeBSD was not a Linux distribution,” the executive director replies. “No, but seriously, they’ve been very welcoming to the FreeBSD community and wanting to include our voice in conversations about open source.” FreeBSD is about five and a half million lines of code, versus 35 million for Linux, so “If you want to learn, it’s a great way to learn… Someone said they believed that they were a great Linux sys-admin because of knowing FreeBSD.”

Founded in 2000 in Boulder, Colorado, the FreeBSD project is a 501(c)(3) — a public charity — where

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Standard, a Javascript Style Guide Library With 3M Downloads Per Month, Now Showing Ads When Installed Via NPM

Standard, a popular Javascript style guide library that is downloaded about three million times each month, is beginning to show ads when installed through npm, a developer announced this week. The move, which has been pegged as an experiment, comes as the developer looks to find sustainable ways to support contributions to the open source development. In a post, Feross Aboukhadijeh, a developer of Standard, said whenever Standard 14 is installed, “we’ll display a message from a company that supports open source. The sponsorship pays directly for maintainer time. That is, writing new features, fixing bugs, answering user questions, and improving documentation.”

The announcement has sparked a debate in the community with some suggesting that there should be a better way to support the FOSS developers without seeing ads on the terminal.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Dave in Woodstock

One of the reasons I moved to Woodstock is that I want to try for once being a software developer in an artistic context.
I’ve always seen software as a creative thing, like writing, painting or sculpting, but the rest of the world can’t seem to process this idea. I’ve tried doing my thing in Madison, Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle and New York City. Everywhere I go I get blank stares when I say I create software as an individual. But where do you work? I work for myself. Who do you sell it to? I don’t sell it.
I do make money, from time to time, by selling something I’ve created, but most of what I create doesn’t make money, the opposite, it costs me money to make. It’s been that way ever since I was in my 20s and left Madison for Silicon Valley to make my fame

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France delays signing of Internet pledge amid U.S. pressure

France delayed the planned signing of a pledge by Internet platforms to fight hate speech online amid pressure from the United States, a French minister said, adding that he was still hopeful the U.S. will join the initiative.

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Android 10 and the end of whimsy

When I first heard about Google’s plan to ditch the Android dessert naming system, my reaction was pretty minimal.After all, the name of an Android version doesn’t really mean that much. It’s what’s inside the Pie, the Oreo, the Ice Cream Sandwich that counts. So Android Q won’t be Quindim, Quince, or Queen of Puddings (sigh — if only). It’ll simply be “Android 10” instead. So what?To read this article in full, please click here

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It’s Time to Stop Copyright’s Violation of the U. S. Constitution

The jurisdiction in which it makes the most sense to reform copyright law so that it supports, rather than deters, access to research and scholarship is the United States. After all, the country’s Constitution empowers Congress “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.” The only other thing the Constitution seeks to “promote” is the country’s “lasting Welfare.”
Yet U.S. copyright law today violates this constitutional imperative. The evidence that copyright law is not promoting the progress of science comes from the federal government, academic community, legal profession, and publishing industry. It has been mounting over the last two decades, and while I plan to spend the coming year building a case for legal reform, let me sketch out some of the indicators of the law’s misalignment with the Constitution.
In the year

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Dave-by-email, day 1

I wish I had more on the home page for what will be for many their first Scripting News by email. A few comments. It’s a bit of a loop-close because my blogging used to go out via email for years before I went exclusively web. Once RSS was up and running it seemed counter-productive to keep pushing the email channel, and for a while it made sense until Google dominated and then shut down their RSS app. Then email resurged.
In May 2017 I rebooted the original style of blogging on Scripting News, with intermixed titleless posts and and longer titled posts, all on one page, archived daily and monthly. It’s now stable, so it made sense to bring back the email.
I remember when I turned off the email, Doc Searls said I shouldn’t do it. I never forgot that. Glad Doc is in the initial group of

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